How to Photograph the Wind
It is summertime in Cape Town and everybody is talking about the South Easter …..complaining is probably a more apt description .
I always thought that very famous wind poem by Ted Hughes accurately describes in words of how oúr wind wind sounds and feels . He truly was a wordsmith . But trying to capture oúr wind in one single two dimensional photograph is always challenging , shooting in video would almost be too easy .
I sometimes wish I could add sound to a photograph . Oúr wind has lost of sound, especially when it hurtles down Blinkwater gorge towards the Atlantic Ocean . It starts with a loud hiss …than the familiar Katabatic roar as it weaves down the mountain , shaking and rattling roofs windows and trees , trash and our nerves . Beware if one of those steam train gusts catches you unawares with an open car door ……
Many a night I have to lasso our balcony door to the balustrade to guard it being sucked open .One can clearly see how the window panes flexes in the big gusts .Our solar geyser on the most exposed part of the roof gets a special mention in our prayers.
But when it goes to sleep ….we all purr …no place else in the world where we would want to live , or as beautiful.